A Piece of Sky
Aile d'airbus A320
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You are a craftsman, a designer or a company specialized in design furniture and you like unbelievable challenges.

Transform aircraft parts into design funiture or design objects.

Illustration Concevez


What would be your most extraordinary ideas?

Alone or in team, propose your most extraordinary ideas. Share with us how you could make them happen.

Unic objects are shaped in your hands.

Moulde, cut, assemble, give life to remarkable inventions in unique piece or in series.

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To be a “dreamer” is to reinvent the world, to show it from another angle: yours.

Joining this project offers you the incredible opportunity to work on real aircraft parts and reveal your vision and passion to people around the world.

Ready for the adventure ? ?

The collaboration between Airbus and its dreamers is an unprecedented experience.

Join us and share your uniqueness.